Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Howard J. Banneff III

I have been asked by your host, Kevin John, whom, may I add is of the uppermost (straight & narrow) caliber of people noteworthy of record and be associated with, to come here and set the record straight on the ridiculous media's reporting about our fine people here and the company we oversee : AIG American General Inc.

Look. Let's be frank. I understand that you (peasants) people (cannot) have a hard time understanding the complicated and intricate (corrupted) workings of a major insurance corporation and are miffed (ready to go to war with the US government) that your taxes might go up a few hundred dollars a year because of it. So what?
That buys a good burgundy these days? Get real. I've tipped more than that for the idiot who parked my BMW.
OK. So you had to give us a few bucks, but look at what you've got: a major AMERICAN company, with AMERICAN workers whom (outside of the top execs and insiders) get paid at least $2.79/hour MORE than minimum wage to help cover their health insurance costs. What person these days wouldn't jump on that offer?
This is all about the silly little conference(orgy celebration) we had at St. Regis resort
in California for the company to "regroup" and think strategy.Do you think Lloyds of London is going to stop being a thorn in our side?
We spent a little too much I'll admit, and St. Regis is considered one of the top resort/company priced places for an annual picnic, but this was a special event. What would YOU have done if someone just gave YOU $85 BILLION ? Have a pow-wow at the Holiday Inn Express with the 'Free Continental Breakfast'? I think not.

And seriously folks, to only focus on that we were all just laughing , drinking, and rolling around on the floor naked in 2" of fifty and one hundred dollar USD's with some of St. Regis's maid service employees is missing the point entirely.

We relaxed. Professional body messages by top grade professionals (large-breasted women not a day over 24 yrs old) and professional companion advisers(hookers) do not come cheap!

And Oy Vey, the cost of food and drink these days? A few years ago you could get a Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum , a simple desert such as Chocopologie by Knipschildt or a good Knish for a few measly five thousand dollars (each). They are much more than that now. We should look into a law!

Would you people rather we celebrate at Burger King?

The rhetoric and gall of the elected officials against us with this 'witch hunt' and their asking Robert & Martin to cancel their 6 month planned Hilton Head Golf outing to testify at the House Oversight committee was very hard on our colleagues. We were SO upset of the actions of some of the Congressman and women who posted story after story of our 'alleged abuses' in the papers that we refused to go a penny higher than the nominal $21,356.69 per person
"campaign" (bribe) pledge -and we STUCK TO OUR GUNS. After all- this is YOUR money we're talking about!

Even Mr. Dinallo understood the significance of having a spirited (allot of spirit) conference and regroup
"under the circumstances".

After all the 'campaign distributions (bribes) were done, the hotel/resort was paid and the services (catering and whores) were given remuneration, even the VERY SAME PEOPLE that were chastising us felt sorry enough after we explained in detail and after cancellation of many scheduled (gold) golf outings and gave us another (BAIL OUT ) loan of an additional $37.8 BILLION!

Even they saw the truth in what we had to say (after they were bribed).

You can always trust your representatives in Washington right?

Good night, God Bless, and Don't forget to vote for John McCain and (milf) Sarah Palin next month!



This Brazen Teacher said...


As in I would have rather you went to Burger King.

the Silverfish said...

WTF, I didn't get me invite, and your right the little people ie. peasants just simply do not understand the finer points of graft and corruption (or was that shit and derision?) Thank you so much for putting into words that which US ie. the upper crust have such a difficult time saying, and that would be get real you little shits and understand that you ie. little people are here for us, not we for you.

I mean really is it any wonder that these peons never get anywhere in life, they just don't get it.

Again Thank You so much, and I'm sure that my invite to the next bash is in the mail.
As always U.R Foreus.
Ceo. Dewey Bilkim & Howe

This Brazen Teacher said...

This is per flight risk, who can't post on your blog wo an google acct.~ BrAZen

I don't see why everyone is so upset with you fine Americans at AIG . You put the money back into the economy for us , it's been tough on hookers these days trying to find Johns while wearing clothes that are two sizes to small and from last years Fredericks catalog. Besides if we wanted you to pay your debts ,we ( the GOP ) would have done that for you , instead we gave you cash just like we do with all our stimulus packages .

See you at Greenspan's free market Halloween bash ( it may be our last one )

Dick Chaney

PS McCain wants me to thank you for last weeks " campaign " contributions

Kevin John said...

Brazen Teacher,

I think I am love with you!

Serously, tell FR that he and I might make a great team...two heads are better than one.Kind to think of it a good looking chick like yourself wouldn't hurt public opinion either...you in?

ps. You're not a blond are you?

Kevin John said...


Yes, the peasants... well, deserve to be peasants, Constitution or not.

Thanks for stopping in.

This Brazen Teacher said...

You flatter me Kev.

If you need beauty for your operation, count me in.

If you're okay with a brAZen brunette that is.

Kevin John said...

BT & Flight Risk-

Kinda slow @ this, it's been a while. Tell FR he can post with impunity anytime (as long as he doesn't steal my girlfriend(s)....

Lov, Kev

flight risk said...

BTW "Free market Halloween"
Is when you trust those passing out the treats to insure that they are safe to eat ;-)

Sorry BT for disrupting your class yesterday

Kevin John said...

Hey Flight Risk! How's the weather in Cleveland?
Umm...you might of posted on the wrong side of the pond, but I also sent an apology to BT for class disruption.....shows you were my mind is usually(in the gutter?), trying to find humer in everyday life.