Monday, December 22, 2008



So I got lazy and posted a bunch of videos that every normal person saw before Gore invented the internet. Sue me. You have to admit they're pretty good, no?

The reality is that being kinda new to this genre and coming around to view humor bloggers I am in awe at the imaginative and creative writing that goes on from boys & girls that play ball like the old base/basket/football players used to play ball before they let themselves get whored out with multi-million dollar contracts. They did if for fun!

Some of the writings here are better than anything on Saterday Night Live or comedy shops where a beer will cost a $5 note, plus a tip if you don't want the girl to spit in it before serving you.

Anyone that can make others smile in this crappy economy has my vote, and word is my stocks aren't going up anytime too soon. O well, maybe I'll hit the lottery. It's about my time ya know.Then I'll syndicate and buy out a bunch of you gals/guys who don't mind bending over for me and I'll pay you just enough to get you hooked while I negotiate multi-million dollar contracts with Howard Stern.

(Personally I can't wait until I get some groupies.)

I love you guys! I am honored to be a part of this talented community.

Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to all!

Kevin John
Virginia US


CoyotePrime said...

Groveling is good for the soul, you serf! ;-)

Kevin John said...

Yes, besides fantasies about groupies, I might add a 'pay-pal' donate button.
After all, hard cash is good for the soul too.

Good to hear from you Coyote, Merry Christmas!

AngieSS said...

How 'bout we just "group" each other until more "groupies" come along?!! ;)

Though, I don't have any hard earned cash to donate -- I'm a SAHM -- we generally work for free! (not by choice)

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin
Saw your note over at mirrors...happy to be of service to your funny-bone--


Mike said...

I like that anime picture.

Because she's wearing black gloves and black pants and it looks like she's playing with herself with her left hand.

Merry Christmas.

flight risk said...

I enjoyed your videos .

And the creative side came out in the comments .

I'm sorry but I can't be a groupie . I'm under contract with the Brazen teacher . And she pays me in smiles , top that.

you know I'll visit :-)

Kevin John said...

This is indeed a most special Christmas present.
Receiving posts from some of the best writers on the web is right up there with getting a Christmas gift from my son this morn that promised to "wash & vacumm my truck".

@Angie thanx! And I look forward to grouping together with you too!

Yea, I thought she was rather akin to the fantasies I had when I was 14, 15, 19, 37, and..well she's pretty hot. We rather think alike!


My favorite comment person on LV, I am honored that you would run the risk of being exposed & going outside and looking at a humor blogger site! After all, this is serious business right?
Your comments are one of the few I bother to read in full. You truly have a gift.

@ Flight Risk

Thanks buddy, I'm in the trades too, truth be known. I feel @ home in jeans and a T shirt (when it's warm) more than I do in Dockers and sandels.
Just between you and me, work has been rather crappy this past year, or is it just me?
Maybe Obama can help us through this gory goo?
Give my love to BT!