Friday, February 20, 2009



The world has changed a bit since Al Gore wrote "An Inconvenient Truth". Aside from scarring the masses into accepting a Federal "Green Tax", it sure hasn't hurt his portfolio...

(Al Gore's new Houseboat)

The fact that the gov will try to stick it to us to clean up what big industry did is almost par for the course. No, its not almost, it is par.
Speaking of big industry, and the gobs of stuff that are shoved in our face via TV, newspapers or the WWW, its amazing that our planet hasn't just thrown us off it.
Litter & trash everywhere:

What a sad day. The driver should be taken out and shot, just like they did in the old days in Germany.

In landfills that are filling up..

To the seas that are filling up..

At least going to space might be pure and untainted..

Well, maybe not. That's old space junk orbiting the earth?

Then there's different kinds of trash..

The place definitely needs some landscapping..

Trailer park trash..

Well, at least she has a trailer.

Tonight's Friday when I invite some friends over I have to see all kinds of trashing things..


Who let those guys in here?

Then there's talkin trash..

Thanx dudes, maybe I'll win sometime..

At least it's the weekend and now for some special time with a few close friends..

Like a really special time with that blond in the front.Yum.
Y'all have a good weekend now ya hear?


nursemyra said...

Allow me to introduce you to my friend Trailer Park Refugee.....

daisyfae said...

that guy in the "Daisy Duke" shorts looks kinda familiar... might have been one of my niece's ex husbands...

thanks for a morning laugh!

Kevin John said...

@nursemyra & daisyfae-many years ago i too had the high priviledge to be considered 'Trailer park trash', but since I've saved my welfare checks today I'm a proud renter in a community block with a pool! Who says we don't live in a great country?

Dusty said...

Kevin: I laughed I was a well rounded post dude. ;p you play fantasy baseball? some blogger types have a league up on yahoo. Tis free and lots of trash talking I am sure. ;)

Kevin John said...

Sounds good Dusty, thanx for the info. Don't get into betting that much but it sounds fun!

Who's your fav, girl?

Dusty said...

Hey Kevin, here is the info on joining the fantasy baseball league:

League ID#: 121247
Password: chimptastic

You need a yahoo account to join.

Flight said...

I'm off to buy beer for the bottom shelf

till then check this out

Kevin John said...

Funny as hell Flight! thanx.How goes it in God's country?

Blonde Goddess said...

I place drinking lots of beer in that "special time" category too. If you add one of my favorite teams playing on TV, then that's even better.

Kevin John said...

Favorite teams BG? Which ones? Just curious..

VE said...

That was hilarious. Couldn't agree with you more. What a mess...well, not the gal getting the beer or the one drinking it that is...

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I drink micro-brews in bottles and they don't fit on the bottom shelf.

I've got my priorities.