Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy April!



Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Wow! Beer, chocolates and now this. Fabulous!

Kevin John said...

Yea Meg,Beer and chocolate, yes! How come I never got a chance to meet you??


Mike said...

We do that in Canada too.

But it looks more like drunken bar fighting.

CoyotePrime said...

Kevin John, that was great! Geve me a boost when I really needed it. Thanks, brother.

Anonymous said...

anything that makes us smile is welcome--and appreciated--
thanks KJ,

Kevin John said...

Sorry guys, been working alot lately trying to keep the mortgage donchaknow.

Mike, damn for some reason i didn't know you were from the great white north (you're too young to remember that, perhaps Meg does)! Did I ever tell you i graduated in BC? !

Coyote- great to know that you liked it! Everyone should see the excellent things you dig up too.

Jj- these days when we can earn money, I do. Don't tell Les :) but some of my biggest jobs has been @ the largest navel base in the world lately.If they knew I was talkin' to you guys I might not git thru the inspection station...
(they even ask us to open our gas tank caps...and ALL the doors.)
You know what i mean.
Thanks man, appreciate your visit.