Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oscar nominee

Hat tip to Coyote!



flight risk said...

I don't comment on copy and paste blogs

Damn I let that on slip

Kevin John said...

Hey FR! Yea, I know it just advertises my lazy-get-off-your-butt lack of talent , but somethings are just too good to not share. Of course if I'm the last one seeing this, then I'm behind the times and I'm duley embarrassed.
How are things in Cleveland?
Bump into BT lately? She won't let me come over and play...

This Brazen Teacher said...

Of course you can play kj.

I'm sorry you had to discover what makes the "brazen" come out.

Kevin John said...

How come I can't see the comment section and you can?

Thanks for stopping by BT, I am truly sorry I disrupted you class.
It was all Flight Risk's fault...he ah, made me do it. We imbibed a few too many beers (that he made me drink at gunpoint).

Yea that's it.