Saturday, November 1, 2008

"You're Fired!"


"In the end, all these large banks will come crashing down like a ton of bricks because they are irretrievably insolvent, and then they, along with the privately owned Fed, will be nationalized and merged into one super-entity, which will be given all regulatory power over the financial industry..They will no longer have to kill off the small fry by creating catastrophes.. They will simply regulate them out of existence until their banking and financial interests have achieved god-like, dictatorial power.. Once they control all financial matters with an iron fist, the Constitution will become irrelevant because the people will no longer have any power to exercise except by revolution, and we can assure you that a revolution is going to come, and soon."
-Chapman: The International Forcaster 29Oct2008


flight risk said...

Yes, a revolution is going to come, and soon.

In 1776 our forefathers separated from England mainly because of England's central banking system . After the Great Depression ( a convenient advent ) the US formed its own central bank ( That has NO elected officials [WTF that can't be right { it is little Johny } ] )

Now with the patriot act removing our civil liberties to protect us from terrorism,
The recession "forcing" the government to bail out the private sector.
This is all sounding like Prewar Germany . Now all we need is Hitler oops I mean Bush to claim marshal law because of the tensions brought on by the elections .

BTW the CEO should have let the wife go . Sure she would get a much better severance package , But the savings would be worth it . Plus you could outsource ALL of her duties ;-)

Kevin John said...

Hi Flight Risk! Good to hear from you!

umm actually my good man, in 1776 there was the English Empire, as in the 'Roman Empire'. Central banking was not established until the early 1800's after the battle of Waterloo in England by Nathanal Roshchild.
The old saying that "Britian rules the world" is applicable today.
Think: LIBOR Rates

Aside from that I tend to agree with you. There are many major economists much smarter than I am, with PhD's behind their names saying the same thing I hear:
This is Bullshit.

flight risk said...

The Bank of England was duly chartered in 1694 named so to make the general population think it was part of the government.It was to be the modern world's first privately-owned, national central bank in a powerful country.

May be "my good man" you should pay more attention in Miss Brazen's class

Kevin John said...

Flight Risk,

Sorry FR, I stand corrected.
However, may I respectfully add:

"The 1844 Bank Charter Act tied the issue of notes to the gold reserves and gave the bank sole rights with regard to the issue of banknotes. Private banks which had previously had that right retained it, provided that their headquarters were outside London and that they deposited security against the notes that they issued. A few English banks continued to issue their own notes until the last of them was taken over in the 1930s."

This was after the battle of Waterloo, and I believe a clear distinction in the direction of fractional reserve banking.(IMHO)

Yes I should pay more attention in class (those ADD drugs don't come cheap doncha know?), but I think I'm on probationary suspension.

I tried to blame you, but BT saw right through it...

flight risk said...

there is hope check out Bushes new plan ( a Reese's cup if you will )