Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Want My Bail-Out Money

Nothing says lovin'like a congress thats been bought'n.


CoyotePrime said...

Me too! Where's the bucks? ;-)

Kevin John said...

Mr. Prime,

In regards to your request, we are very sorry we cannot help you at this time. There have been -
zero bribe contributions credited to your account at this point in time.
Thank you,
State Dept.

Flight said...

You act like you don't believe that taking money from the working class a giving it to the upper 1% wont fix all of our problems .

You should be ashamed of yourself .

They are the ones who made it possible for you to earn that money.

And if the government runs out of money they will just print more . Right ? More money means more to go around . Right ? Damn I should run for office . Print more money , That's the ticket .

Just be glad they don't misuse our tax dollars on things like vacations and hookers .

This is all in your best interest so sit back , relax ,and may be you'll get a nice stimulus check you can use buying more things you don't need from our Chinese friends at Walmart .

Kevin John said...


I'm sorry, I am ashamed at myself.
What was I possibly thinking???

Tomorrow I promise to (not buy a hooker) but go directly to Wal-mart and purchase....something.
Just because..
(As soon as I get another 'check'.)

I mean after all, were we not taught to be good people in school?

hee hee.

VE said...

Is my bailout money tax free?

Kevin John said...


Since President Obama has been sworn in ,for you it shall be.

Regrettably, for the rest of us, no.
Kudos.But can I borrow a fin?